colours1 colours2
colours1 colours2

These are the colours of the 4th St Lawrence Regiment, of the Royal Jersey Militia. They were refurbished in the 1970's by Mr A. Pipon and were then hung in the Parish Church, however, due to the re-decoration of the church in 2006 the Colours were 'no longer required' and were put up for disposal !!!
I made contact with the church and Mr Pipon who was storing the colours and it was agreed that they would be passed onto the Royal Militia Island of Jersey Association for subsequent display at the Jersey Field Squadron Headquarters.
The second set are the Regimental Colours of the Royal Militia Island of Jersey showing the Battle Honours for 'Jersey 1781' and 'The Great War'
These colours were laid up on 10th January 1954 at the Town Church in St Helier.

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