Channel Islands Occupation Stamps
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hd 1d 1hd 2d 2hdd 3d
2d 1d 2hd

These stamps were issued in Jersey & Guernsey during the German Occupation.
The top row shows the 1/2d Green and the 1d Red dating from 1941-42 followed by the 1/2d (Old Jersey Farm), 1d (Portelet Bay), 1 1/2d (Corbiere Lighthouse), 2d (Elizabeth Castle), 2 1/2d (Mont Orgueil Castle) & the 3d (Gathering Vraic) dating from 1943.
The bottom row shows the stamps issued in Guernsey. The 1/2d Green, the 1d Red and the 2 1/2d Blue dating from 1941-44.

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