In 1883 the Lieutenant Governor formed a Militia Cadet Corps which was attached to the South Regiment of the Royal Jersey Militia but it does not appear to have been successful and the Cadet Corps was re-established at Victoria College in 1903. In 1901 the Elizabeth College Cadet Company was formed in Guernsey and paraded for the first time in January 1902. It was originally attached to the Royal Guernsey Artillery and Engineers (RGA&E) but in 1908 was separated from the RGA&E to become an Officer Training Corps. The Victoria College Cadet Corp also included a band of bugles and drums and shooting practice was under taken with the Jersey Militia. There were annual shooting competitions between the Victoria College and Elizabeth College Cadets and they regularly represented the Islands at Bisley. In 1908 the Victoria College Cadet Corps also became an Officer Training Corps and was no longer attached to the East Battalion of the Royal Jersey Light Infantry.

During the First World War the OTC was on active service assisting with the manning of the Islands coastal defences and by 1917 the Victoria College OTC provided guards for the Albert Pier and Government House. 631 former members of the Victoria College OTC served in the First World War of which 126 were killed. They served with distinction throughout the war and two Victoria Crosses were awarded to Lieutenant W.A. McCrae Bruce and Temp Lieutenant (Acting Captain) A.M.C. McReady-Diarmid.

In June 1940 when the Channel Islands were demilitarised all traces of military presence were obliterated, the uniforms of the Jersey OTC were burned in the grounds of Victoria College and the unit was temporarily suspended. Training began again after the occupation using left over German equipment. The Junior Training Corps was approved in 1946 and within a year formed a Guard of Honour for Field Marshal Montgomery when he visited Jersey. The Junior Training Corps was short-lived, as it became the Combined Cadet Force (CCF) in 1948. At this time a Signals Troop was also created at Victoria College and a RAF section was formed in 1951. Some years later a Naval section was added. Both CCF's are funded by the Ministry of Defence, however, the Elizabeth College CCF in Guernsey was sponsored by the Parachute Regiment and they wore the Parachute Regiment Badge on their beret until 1998, however, after a short period of wearing the Elizabeth College arms on their beret they have now 'affiliated' to the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment and will shortly adopt the badge of that regiment.

In Alderney a Cadet Corps did not exist until the 1st September 1984 when Colonel P.F. Walter MBE MC, a former Officer with the SAS, raised an Army Cadet Force. This unit consists of Senior and Junior Sections and take the title of the Royal Alderney Militia (ACF).


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