Jersey_Harbour_Police Jersey_Group_of_Hospitals_Pupil_Nurse Vale_Special_Constable_Guernsey Jersey_Bowls_Club Jersey_Cycling_Club Guernsey_Race_Club Rouge_Bouillon-School_Jersey Jersey_Contingent Jersey_Charity Jersey_Young_Farmers_Club Jersey_Motor_Cycle_and_Light_Car_Club_Motorcycle Cafe_Romany_Drivers_Club Channel_Islands-Football_Cup Jersey_Wanderers_Football_Club Mertonians_Football-Club_Jersey Magpies_Football_Club_Jersey Saturday_Football_League_Jersey Guernsey_Referees_Association Guernsey_Cycle_Union St_Brelade_Honorary_Police St_Brelade_Honorary_Police St_Brelade_Honorary_Police St_Brelade_Honorary_Police St_Clement_Honorary_Police St_Clement_Honorary_Police St_Clement_Parish St_Helier_Honorary_Police St_Helier_Honorary_Police St_Helier_Honorary_Police St_Martin_Honorary_Police St_Martin_Honorary_Police St_Martin_Honorary_Police St_Martin_Honorary_Police St_Mary_Honorary_Police St_Mary_Honorary_Police St_Ouen_Honorary_Police St_Ouen_Honorary_Police St_Peter_Honorary_Police St_Saviour_Honorary_Police Trinity_Honorary_Police
These badges are ones I am missing from my collection, if you have one of these for sale please give me a call on 01534 617278, or email me at

Jersey Harbour Police Special Constable, Jersey Group of Hospitals Pupil Nurse (Bronze), Guernsey Vale Special Constable, Jersey Bowls Club, Jersey Cycling Club, Guernsey Race Club, Rouge Bouillon & Brighton Road School, Jersey Contingent Sweetheart, London Channel Islanders Society Jersey Boys Charity, Jersey Young Farmers Club, Jersey Motorcycle and Light Car Club Motorcycle Section, Cafe Romany Drivers Club, Channel Islands Football Cup (Muratti), Jersey Wanderers Football Club, Mertonians Football Club Jersey, Magpies FC, Guernsey Referees Association, Guernsey Cycle Union, Saturday Football League Jersey, Honorary Police of St Brelade, St Clement, St Helier, St Martin, St Mary, St Ouen, St Peter, St Saviour, Trinity.

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